Have you experienced a mild traumatic brain injury and live with  PTSD?

You may be eligible to participate in this study.
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This study is evaluating potential treatments to reduce attention problems and improve everyday function for patients with PTSD and mild traumatic brain injury.

Can I Participate?

You have experienced a mild traumatic brain injury (or concussion), and also suffer from PTSD.
You are between the ages of 18 and 60.
You don't experience seizures.
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Why Should I Participate?

Your participation will help the research team evaluate whether the treatment effectively reduces attention problems, allowing improved everyday function. The study treatments use a combination of transcranial magnetic stimulation (iTBS) and an attention training program to potentially yield better results than traditionally available treatments.

What's Involved?

If you meet the criteria to be included in the study, you will be scheduled to have:
During the first 4 weeks, you will have 2-3 visits per week (10-12 in total). Each visit will last ½ day to a full day.
You will receive assessments, an MRI and treatment may include iTBS and attention training during your visits.
Approximately four weeks after the treatment is complete (week 8-10 overall), you will have one follow up visit.
Compensation will be provided for study participation.

What You May Receive

Study related treatment at no cost
Free parking at Northwestern University for visits
Compensation of up to $575
We track spends vs budget meticulously
We hustle to get you the best value for your dollar
We always plan for measurable outcomes
We treat problem-solving like an extreme sport
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What is iTBS?

iTBS is a type of transcranial magnetic stimulation. It is a non-invasive treatment that uses magnets on top of your head to change brain activity.

What will the attention training involve?

Attention training will be completed immediately after each iTBS session. A research assistant will set up a computer program where you will complete the training.

What tests are involved?

You will complete testing throughout your participation that includes filling out questionnaires about your symptoms and activities of daily living, tests of your thinking and memory skills, and will have an MRI completed three different times during your participation.

How long are study sessions?

Sessions vary in length depending on what is being performed that day, but last approximately a half to full day. We will work to complete your schedule at the start of participation, so that you know when and for how long you would be needed each day.